Great Gifts For Your Young Guitarist

Do you have a child who is an aspiring guitarist? Are you thinking of giving them a gift? It can be hard to choose what will be the perfect gift for them. There are so many choices to pick from, and you can never really know what will be perfect. 

How about giving them something useful? If they are a guitarist, there are so many accessories and pieces of equipment you could give them that will help them to be more motivated and enhance their skills. Want some ideas? That’s why we’re here.

1. Guitar Pick

You can start with something simple and inexpensive. A guitar pick is a small thing that is very useful for guitarists. They need more of them as they tend to get lost, break, or even be given away. There are sets available that you could buy. You could also choose different designs that will fit their personality. You can even get personalized picks that can have their names on them or thoughtful quotes. The possibilities are endless. This could be a perfect gift if your child collects picks, and it will be certainly a nice addon no matter what stage your guitarist is in their musical journey.

2. Guitar Straps

Your child might also want to be a performer. With a guitar strap, the guitar can be attached to their body so that they will be able to play while standing up. There are many kinds of straps with different textures and colors. You can choose either the classic and simple ones or some colorful with funky designs. 

3. Guitar Capo

This is an accessory that we see clamped on the guitar’s fret. It is used so that the guitar players will be able to change the key without changing the chord shapes. It allows them to change pitch.

4. Tuner

With a tuner, your guitarist will able to tune their guitar quickly and easily.

5. Recording Equipment

Nowadays, it is easy to share videos and recorded songs with the help of social media. We see some music artists that started as a Youtubers or share their recorded songs through Spotify. Your child can also easily record their own covers or even their composed songs. They just need a computer and the right pieces of equipment. Here are the basic pieces of equipment that are needed for home recording:

  1. Digital Audio Workstation – the program used for recording, mixing, and editing.
  2. Audio Interface – a device used to record voices or instruments with the help of a microphone or connected instrument.
  3. Studio Microphone – used for recording vocals and even some instruments.
  4. Studio Headphones – helpful not only for recording and monitoring, but they can also be used at mixing. Practicing also can be distracting for other members of your family or neighbors, but the distraction can be reduced if your guitarist is using headphones during practice.

6. Books about Guitar or Music

If your child likes to read, a book will be a great consideration. There are a lot of possibilities on this and it’s really not limited to the “how to” books. You may also give them books about guitar’s history or about famous musicians. This way, they will be more inspired to develop more of their own skills.