Wholesale Growers

Our current propagation includes 70 cultivars of Lilacs in commercial quantities. The stock block collection contains over 250 different species and cultivars. Many are being evaluated for potential replacement of existing commercial cultivars. Factors such as flower color, better growth habit, and insect & disease resistance are being considered.

We print three plant availability lists each year. Our January 1st list is our complete plant list, including our “Plus” plants (deciduous shrubs, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, etc.). Our July 1st list is our updated lilac availability for summer and fall planting. Our September 1st list is our complete Lilac list for Fall and Spring.

To request a wholesale availability list, please contact us Include your name, company name, address, and telephone number. Our list is available via fax, U.S. mail, or e-mail; let us know which you’d prefer.

We continue to have a “No Minimum Order” policy to wholesale companies. Please note our discount policy on all liners based on dollar volume.

We start shipping in mid-to-late March and continue shipping through November, except for the few weeks in the spring when new growth is too tender. With advanced notice, we can overwinter plants for easy access for Winter shipping.

All our Lilacs are grown in a very porous soil mix. We are able to produce our heavy, fibrous root systems by using equal parts sandy loam, coarse sand, leaf-type compost and 25 lbs. lime per yard.

Our Lilacs are very successfully shipped semi-bare root throughout the United States and Internationally at a reasonable cost. Please inquire about shipping information. Plants are washed, bareroot, with a phytosanitary certificate when required.

Point-of-Purchase Signs (Below) are available for many of our Lilacs. These signs are for cultivars that are not always readily available. In addition, we have a Lilac Care Sheet that is available for printing on your own letterhead.

Fall planting of Lilacs has always been very successful. With our heavy, fibrous root systems and warm soil temperatures, the plants become well established before cold weather. Many nurseries have more time in the fall and can reduce their spring work load. We are always pleased to acknowledge and hold any plants for future orders.

We would appreciate an opportunity to talk with you about our plants. We always welcome your visit to share our successes and failures. If you cannot steal the time to visit, we would like to come visit you, in New England, with samples of our plants.

Sample Root Systems

Sample roots systems

 Sample 3 1/2″ pot Root Systems                                                                                                                                                              
 Sample Half Gallon Container Root Systems


Sample Gallon Container Root Systems


Sample 8.5″ x 11″ Point-of-Purchase Signs:


Sample 5″ x 7″ Point-of-Purchase Sign: